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Client Testimonial

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Great Class!  Scott is a very invigorating and knowledgeable safety instructor.  The SafeDay course manual that was provided included great examples of real life situations.  I learned a lot of important information about jobsite safety practices.

Kimberly Alexander
Samet Corporation

Scott Day is Samet Corporation's primary safety training instructor. He is an exceptional safety trainer. His training skills and motivational techniques makes a OSHA 30-Hour construction training class fun and interactive. Our Superintendents praise his training skills and they always come away from SafeDay classes having a better than average understanding of construction safety. SafeDay was also involved in a fire investigation stemming from a subcontractor's failure to adequately protect an area during welding operations. Scott's report was timely and concise which provided the subcontractor and Samet Corporation a detailed account of the findings and lessons learned to prevent future fires from occurring.
If you want a safety trainer to educate and to motivate your employees to a better understanding of construction safety, don't hesitate to hire SafeDay.

Bruce Jaworoski, Safety Director
Samet Corporation